Aquarius in Marriage

Aquarians are the most faithful and devoted of all in a marriage, except for the fact that they might have a few problems in accepting the new sort of life that the marriage will have to offer. Aquarians are not at all possessive and in no consider their spouse to be an object to be owned. So they are cool with any sort of jealousy-related issues. This is because they have a great amount of respect and adoration for their loved ones, and respect their values, emotions and moral standards eve tough they might not approve of them.

Aquarians find it hard to give up their individuality in the marriage. They find it hard to let of their identity for a greater cause. For example, when the Aquarian wife becomes a mother, she might find it hard to give up her profession and career and get involved in tending the kids for the first few years, without any bitterness. Even if she accepts to do it, she might just be waiting for the child to become old enough to go to school so that she can rebuild her career. Not that this is a bad thing, but the thing is that parenting is not something that can be done with a feeling of obligation. This is not so much of an issue of the Aquarian husband turning into a father, because fathers do not so much have to end their careers for tending the baby. But he actually might be the odd one to step up and take the responsibility of tending the child in order to give his wife the opportunity to continue.

Aquarians probably make the best parents, it sort of comes to them naturally, at least some aspects of it. They do not find it difficult in any way to stimulate and create interest in their children and stir them to be involved in some sort of group activity. The home will be a place of really interesting conversation, and not just noises from the TV or the Videogame. But the stagnant set of beliefs that Aquarians possess can prove to be a serious setback. It might be really difficult for the parents to acknowledge the generation gap and act sensibly.

Aquarius Male as a Husband

If you want, cuddles, passionate exchanges and gestures of undying love, please give Mr Aquarius a wide berth. This man is the most emotionally inarticulate chap in the zodiac - he has deep feelings but he simply cannot deal with them. If he is in danger of falling in love with you, he’ll treat you with apathy, he may even seem to actively dislike you. But that’s his way of protecting his feelings. He is on very firm ground when he’s with his friends or with a group of people, discussing current affairs and telling jokes; he’ll be in a serious state of panic on a one-to-one basis with a woman he finds attractive. Like all cerebral men, he is deeply drawn to passionate and emotionally complex women, who drive him stir-crazy and prove the point that love is for the birds. He is kind of endearing though in his ingenuousness, and he can be very faithful once he’s found his heart’s desire.

Aquarius Female as a Wife

An Aquarius woman is like a butterfly as she is social, friendly, yet, does not truly belong to anyone. However, do not ever doubt her love and loyalty once she is committed to you. Once married, an Aquarius woman will be a caring and faithful wife. You must let her pursue her interests, pursue a career of her choice, and socialize with her friends. You must also be willing to accept and appreciate all her friends as they are equally important to her.This woman likes to be treated as an equal. Displaying emotions like jealousy, possessiveness, chauvinism will make her turn away from you. She does not prefer sentimental men. Be sympathetic to her or she will just retreat and remain completely aloof.

She will never be an overly possessive mother, but a jolly one, more like a friend. You may even find her talking to her kids’ friends like an equal. An Aquarius woman makes a loving and devoted mother. Though it is difficult for her to adjust to motherhood, she is a devoted mother, once she is comfortable in the role.As being aloof is in her nature, she will face difficulty in expressing affection to her kids. But, she will make her kids feel special. She will teach virtues like truthfulness and humanity to her kids.

Understanding Aquarius women completely is a bit difficult because of their unpredictability. But, you will never be bored with her as she is charming, pleasant, and is able to talk on any subject. Beneath her flighty exterior, is a caring woman who is always there for her near and dear ones. So, cherish her if you find her. Ciao!

Aquarius Love Compatibility