Aquarius Man and Libra Woman

Sharing ideas and communicating well are the two wonderful keys to any relationship followed by Aquarius and Libras. They always find each other quite co-operative and smooth going. There is always tremendous strength and many opportunities for these two to accomplish a lot together.

Librans like to maintain a melodious lifestyle and any stress added to their lifestyle affects them negatively. They are very sharp and genuine people with solution to almost every problem in this world. Although they can be graceful under pressure, they may tend to be a little hasty and careless from time to time. Libra tends to argue a point that arises out of debate or discussion even though they continue to stay objective and fair. Their artistic minds are above intellect but they sometimes tend to be too well balanced to be artistic on an advanced level. Librans look at things keenly and perceptively and they are quite articulate and critical in their views which lead to a high integrity when it comes to their work ethics.

Aquarius people are always open to anything that the human brain is capable of imagining, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to others. Their faults are their qualities and they are extremely practical in thought. They are extraordinary and flattery and get anyone easily with the magic of their words. Aquarius individuals take things as they come and try to stay free from personal and social conditioning. However although they accept the possibility of absolutely anything with an open mind, they are not ready to accept an existing theory as final truth until they have satisfied themselves with visible facts. Hence they are a curious mixture of facts and fantasies. They are far more concerned with the future than with the past along with being acutely aware of the present.

Aquarius Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

In terms of everyday lifestyle, this couple works well together. Both signs are sociable and interested in people, so they probably have a wide and diverse set of friends; neither sign is all that practical, so they’ll both sometimes struggle with the daily grind, but at least they can find humour in their shared shortcomings and will muddle through the mess somehow. Libra, the cardinal sign in the mix, will take the lead in the relationship, with Aquarius following at a distance (Aquarius does everything at a distance!) provided their independence is not compromised. However, Aquarius and Libra compatibility will face a test when the Aquarius partner digs in his or her heels and shows a stubborn side. Fortunately, Libra is the consummate diplomat and will manage to find a way through the impasse without Aquarius ever realising that they’ve actually given in!

One slight issue could arise over Aquarius’ deliberately provocative nature, particularly when it comes to rebelling against authority. Libra likes a smooth ride throughout life and will not appreciate Aquarius stirring up trouble in this way. However, Aquarius is untroubled by Libra’s rebukes and will carry on regardless. You can almost picture Libra saying of Aquarius “You can’t take him anywhere!” in a mock exasperated tone of voice, while secretly admiring the Visionary’s power to make waves in life. One of the strengths of Aquarius and Libra compatibility is their shared sense of humour; their ability to not take themselves too seriously will be an enormous asset as this couple matures and grows.

Aquarius and Libra have many similar interests such as travel, friends, family, children, a good education, religion, idealism and art. They have their differences, but have the same dreams and ideals as well. Their relationship is fun at first, but as things progress so the tension, if they interfere in each other’s personal life too much. Aquarius can find Libra to be too domineering and Libra looks at Aquarius as one stubborn person who has no point to be like that. Aquarius thinks such squabbles are a big waste of time. They use this as a strategy showing Libra that life is too short and Libras apologize so sweetly and the quarrel is over in no time. Aquarius and their high tolerance can be taught quite easily to Libra and their sensitive qualities, and the Libra’s calm nature can be taught to Aquarius as they tend to be a bit over excited about certain issues that arise.

Conversation between the two, when they are not feuding, is quite stimulating and mind sharpening. Their feuds do not usually last very long. They always forgive and forget. They understand each other better than most. If a quarrel arises and gets too heated Aquarius simply walks away. After a bit of time their whimsical and fun relationship goes back to normal as long as Libra can let things go. From time to time, however, Libra does not do this. They press the issue looking for a reason why they quarreled in the first place. As long as tension does not get too high they are able to come to a mutual agreement. Aquarius and Libra fit well together in that the former constantly comes up with new ideas and the latter is the one to fabricate and design such thoughts.

Aquarius and Libra always make a high spirited relationship in all fields of life. Their brightness and spark can be noticed whether they are together at home or at office. If they are friends and colleagues, they ought to have many arguments but they always prove to be truly helpful friends to each other. It is better for these two to have no joint business ventures without any third responsible one to look around, since both are intelligent and creative but their moodiness can cause some problems especially if they start something new which needs a lot of hard work. As siblings they have an equal friendship in their relationship with a lot of plans to share and stuff to do together.

Relatives are not of very much concern for these people, especially for Aquarius as they love to stay detached from most of the world, so they may not say each other much. Lovers and spouses that make out of these sun signs can always have their bright and moody days but they manage to stay together most of the time. As for parents and children, it is nice for Aquarius children to have Libran parents if they want love and concern more and if friends are needed then surely Aquarius makes the best parents. In fact Aquarius mothers are usually most co-operative and friendly of all the other.

Some rough edges always create problems in the relation as Libra’s tendency to pick everything apart in hopes of finding the truth or proving the truth bothers Aquarius. They get quite emotional when argument arises whereas Libra tends to get physically ill from too much tension. They quarrel and squabble from time to time, but in the end they realize that they need each other. Both of them are reasonable people, and this can be a very reasonable union as a result, in all forms of relationships. Conflicts, of course, occur, but their ability to reason things through as well as their responsiveness can help smooth over rough edges. Libra’s warm smile and faith in Aquarius dissolves any disputes that seem to hang on.

Marriage Between Aquarius Man and Libra Woman

Marriage is always the next step after friendship for the Aquarius male. He finds her beautiful and she looks at him as the smartest man. He falls for the attractive and charming personality of the Libra lady. But to enjoy a smooth relationship, they both need to make mutual compromises so that all the differences between them are taken care of. She is one lady who pampers him with her soft love and takes good care of him. She knows when he needs her and doesn’t take even a second more to be there for him. She keeps him warm with her compassion. She makes sure that she doesn’t make him feel restricted with her possessiveness.

Aquarius man blends the shades of friendship and romance very beautifully thereby making it a wonderful marriage. He fills her life with new energy and dreams. He adores and respects her and never interferes with her personal space. He loves to listen to her talks and never feels bored of them. They both match up to each other at emotional, physical and intellectual fronts. Even when they experience some kind of differences, they are able to resolve them like adults by discussing about it rather than fighting over it. Nothing is able to stand the purity and intensity of their love. All differences and misunderstandings dissolve in their love. They are able to survive through all the rough phases of their life with their love getting more intense.

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