Aquarius Man in Bed

The Aquarius man approaches matters concerning relationships in a light-hearted manner. He is not the type of man who will say that he loves you. At least not in the way you are used to or at the time you would expect. He is a very radical individual who will never express his feelings in the conventional way that we know.

Even the usual romantic gestures such as dinners, chocolates dinners among others are an abomination for him. If you end up in a relationship with the Aquarius guy be prepared for the most random activities and trips. He will hardly take you for your typical movie date. Once he loves someone, he does so with the deepest sincerity and would do anything to even save the life of his partner even though it means putting his own on the line.

Aquarius Man in Love Relationships

The Aquarius male does not thrive in boredom and that is why he is constantly looking for something exciting. He is known to be someone who can be very faithful or completely the opposite. If he finds the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he will remain completely loyal and devoted to that woman.

However, if he finds it tedious to get a woman to blend in with his desires he will definitely not take her seriously. He is the kind of a person who can find a woman just to satisfy him sexually because he can manage to separate feelings from sex.

How to Turn On an Aquarius Man In Bed

Know that he wants to talk! When I say he wants to ‘talk’ I certainly don’t mean about ‘feelings’, unless you don’t mind him approaching it as an intellectual debate or topic of in-depth conversation that will possibly go on into the early hours of the morning, long after your knickers have dried up! You poor deprived little nymph.

Don’t be put off by his feverish intellectual urge for conversation, you can use it to your advantage. If you drive the conversation in the direction you want things to go – i.e. with plenty of erotic talk (just make sure you say the right words, or he may even get turned off) you will be lucky enough to experience what I like to refer to as the ‘Aquarius Sexual Light-bulb Effect.’ Simply put, his sexuality is like a light bulb – he can turn it on at the flip of a switch, and when it’s on it’s electrifying – lucky you! But when he’s turned off, he’s off until his battery recharges.

Keeping this in mind, with a little bit of steerage and timing, what might have been a highly charged evening of conversation, can instantly become a highly charged and possibly acrobatic sexual session! Let him share his thoughts on tantric sex, or the Kama Sutra, even indulge in a bit of debate if you have to; then take the initiative and challenge him to a sexual duel to illustrate his points. His natural curiosity will lead him to some kinky experimental creative play. In fact, you may not quite be prepared for his enthusiasm once he gets going. He will want to try all the moves in the book!

My first sexual experience was with a virgin Aquarius. He was so excited and inspired by the discovery that he went straight out to buy me all sorts of gifts… when I opened the box I was staring at flavored condoms, ribbed condoms, a variety of lubes, and yes you guessed it, a little pocket book of the Kama Sutra! He also popped in a packet of painkillers in case I was still hurting down there – don’t ever say an Aquarius man isn’t thoughtful, in his own odd little way, Bless!

Aquarius Man Sexual Horoscope

Aqaurius man is a person full of sensuality and humbleness, they are tender and charming but at the same time they can be rough and naughty with their partner. These guys are highly sensual once they are aroused and you cant stop them from having a wonderful sex after teasing their sexual nerves. These man are also amongst the most caring and protective zodaic signs in the bed you will ever come across. They will alsways keep in mind their partner’s need and fantasies and will always try to perform in that manner with them in the bed. These guys are the kind of people who enjoys giving satisfaction to their partner, its their way of enjoying sex where they like to give rather than take but that doesnt mean you should always dominate him in the bed as they have a tendency to detect the difference between dominating and being understanding of their partner’s needs and they will quickly dislike the fact that they are being controlled.

To have a fun filled sex with an Aquarius man, you need to create a intense and erotic sexual tension with them in order to lead them to the bed as they like this way of approaching sex. They are also the real masters of seduction and bes assured to have the most sensual orgasms while having sex with your Aquarius guy. For them one more quality that attracts them is that they get aroused more by the words than the usual strip tease and the will quickly get excited, charmed and captivated the moment you begin to talk slowly in a sensual manner to arouse him or just do a little dirty talk with them in their ears.

You are bound to have a full control of them if you manage to so so with them as they are highly attracted towards these sexual qualities in their partner. These guys are also more sexually attracted towards those woman who are more social and naturally smart, these qualities are like a turn on for them. No doubt they are very understanding and humble in the bed but at the same time they also like a lot of diversity in the bed and he won’t tell you a no if you ask him to try out something new, even though he may not iniate the first move of trying out something new.

These man also like and intense foreplay like no other sun signs and they literally crave for those extreme physicality with their partner before having sex, be it long kissing, cuddling or anything oral. These guys just crave for it almost all the time when they are horny and they just don’t want plain sex all the time and infact this is one of the major turn-offs for a Aqauris guy. Overall with an Aqaurius guy, you are bound to be protected and cared like a baby and at the same time have some great sex with new moves all the time.

Aquarius Man Passion in Bed

To get the Aquarius man into your bed, you will have to use mind games that will lead to that intense passion you both seek. He gets captivated, charmed and excited by words. Aquarius men who are outgoing however, will be the first ones to make the move when it comes to matters of the bedroom. The Aquarius male is attracted to women who are social and very smart. Beauty is no at the top of his list. He is a very erotic man who enjoys foreplay and really deep intimate sex with a variety of games. Sex for this man is an entirely different world. He needs total satisfaction from his woman just as much as he gives it to her.

Being the kind of man who likes diversity in bed, he will be willing to try out different postures and other extraordinary stunts in the strangest of places. Yes, you will be dealing with a wild erotic. Emotions and sex are two completely different things in the perception of the Aquarius man. He does not like to combine them at all. He is quite fiery and enjoys all kinds of sexual acts including threesomes. He is very open-minded when it comes to matters related to the bedroom. Nothing offends him because he is curious to experience the unexplored and he has a wild imagination as well. He is constantly searching for something exciting to spice up his sex life. With this in mind he prefers women who have had their own sexual experiences from which he can learn new things.

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