How to Attract a Aquarius Man

Because Aquarians are magnetically drawn to people who stand out from the crowd, to attract this guy’s attention it’s important to come across as a bit different from everyone else he knows. Nothing impresses the Aquarius man more than originality, so the number one tip for seducing this guy is to prove you’re very much your own person, not just one of the sheep. It’s good to dress fashionably for an Aquarius man, but he’ll find you a lot more interesting if you put together your own individual look rather than just following the latest trends. If there’s anything unusual about your background, work or lifestyle, don’t be afraid to shout it out loud and clear - it will make an Aquarius man much keener to get to know you. You can never be too off-beat or wacky to attract an Aquarius man.

Cultivate His Friendship

Approach an Aquarius man first on a friendship level and you’ll boost your chances of eventually winning his love. Aquarians are excellent mixers and make friends with people of all kinds very easily. They’re less comfortable in intimate one-on-one relationships, which they sometimes find a bit restrictive, and can be notoriously reluctant to commit. Most Aquarian romances tend to start out as friendships, then gradually evolve into something more serious. Put another way: Aquarian men will rarely enter into a love affair with someone who isn’t already a good friend. Don’t make things difficult for yourself by trying to jump into bed with this guy too soon. Play it cool, be patient, and keep things on a strictly platonic basis until you’re ready to make your big move.

Allow Him Lots of Freedom

The worst mistake you can make when trying to seduce an Aquarius man is to pose a threat to his precious freedom by appearing too pushy and demanding. The big rebels of the Zodiac, Aquarians answer to nobody and won’t tolerate any kind of control or manipulation. In fact the more you attempt to pin an Aquarius man down, the more likely he is to run in the opposite direction. Traditional seduction tactics, such as trying to win this guy’s love by making him jealous, are a complete waste of time here. Probably the least possessive of all the signs and the most likely to believe in semi-open relationships, an Aquarius simply won’t care if you’re seeing someone else - he can take it or leave it. In return, he’ll expect you to butt out of his private life and allow him to do exactly as he pleases.

Avoid Emotionally Charged Issues

To attract an Aquarius man, don’t come across as too mushy and sentimental. Logical and fairly detached by nature, these guys find emotions hard to relate to. They tend to feel uncomfortable with people who openly express their feelings, so if you’re the weepy type, you’d better get a grip on yourself fast. Put an Aquarius man at ease by avoiding emotionally charged issues and appealing instead to his intellect. Because good mental rapport means a lot to this guy, he’s looking for a clever, well informed partner with plenty of controversial ideas to share. Subjects to broach to grab an Aquarius man’s interest include politics, social and humanitarian issues and local community affairs. The more alternative or way-out your opinions, the better - it’s almost impossible to shock an Aquarius man.

Keep Surprising Him Over And Over

An excellent tactic for seducing an Aquarius man is to constantly surprise him. Men born under this star sign need ongoing stimulation in their relationships to prevent them from getting bored. When the initial thrill of a romantic encounter is over, an Aquarius man may start looking elsewhere for excitement - unless you play your cards very carefully. To keep this guy on the hook, don’t reveal everything about yourself right from the beginning. Instead keep him guessing and let him gradually discover new things about you he wasn’t aware of, over a period of time. Ring the changes with what you do when you’re together and how and where you make love. To win an Aquarius man’s heart, never let your relationship with him lapse into a dull and monotonous routine.

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