Aquarius September 2021 Horoscope

From the beginning of the month the exchanges are fluid. You sail in clear waters. If you have an option to choose it is to have total control over your life. The past few months have left some indelible traces, today it is old news, you are determined, your projects are realized, you make the right decisions.

By September 19th your home becomes a warm rallying point, the period is beneficial, your private and social life are protected. You only aspire to tranquility and calm. Your loved ones are a real source of youth and well-being, as soon as possible you find refuge with them. At the end of the month, the climate becomes more harmonious and serene.

Love in General:
Nothing is going fast enough for you yet you have no choice but to wait. The current planetary configuration is favorable. Emotionally you have the opportunity to build relationships for the future. If your desire is to pack up and go rest in a quiet place, do not wait! Give room for escape.

In a relationship:
You are on the same frequency as your partner, it is very encouraging for the future. Together you target the priorities, you make plans for life, you move in the same direction. Around you, there is a climate adapted to your common desires of the moment. You are a little genius.

You are able to fend for yourself, except that at this time you need a shoulder to support you. The only certainty: you do not go on unfamiliar ground, the person you love proposes to push your relationship further. Do not waste too much time thinking.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
If you expect evidence of love you will have it but not exactly when you have decided. Give yourself the right to happiness, trust in destiny. The planets take care of everything, you are under surveillance.

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