Aquarius October 2021 Horoscope

Will autumn boost the determination of the Aquarian natives? It seems so. When it comes to your feelings, lightness and fantasy are the keywords of a daily routine rich in emotions. If you are told that you lack romance, they are wrong. Without making any noise you continue on your way and you reach the goal. If questions remained unresolved, you finally get answers.

Take advantage of this fall period to undertake new projects or to develop a winter trip. In your emotional relationships a nice balance is present. In the office, a heavy workload plagues you a bit, either you face it or you schedule a few days of vacation. As a family, you are busy, between children and their activities you do not get bored.

Love in General:
When you decide to please the person you love you are serious. We recognize that you are a discreet person when it comes to your feelings yet you decide to expose your feelings in love in broad daylight. Some are surprised, others were waiting for that. Your love life is gaining momentum, and it suits you.

In a relationship:
Between the 13th and 17th of October you are torn because of a family choice, your partner tries to help you and support you, together you find solutions. A return to calm is expected around October 25th, at which time you can breathe a little and start to relax.

At the beginning of autumn those who are single need tenderness, this period foreshadows nice meetings. You do not touch the ground anymore. You have the possibility of concretizing a love story by letting yourself be carried by the good vibrations of the stars. October 20th marks the beginning of an evolution and the end of celibacy.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You get what you want because you give yourself the means to get there. You do not let go, you are determined. Your efforts are paying off. For you it is finally deliverance. Do not hesitate, make yourself heard.

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