Aquarius May 2021 Horoscope

Family or residential affairs and the power of love! The energies of Taurus shake up your home or your family relationships until the 20th. Do not rush anything, stay flexible, Mercury in Gemini from the 5th, supports your communication and resolves any disagreements. All month you are hyper dynamic to your work and in the management of everyday life.

Saturn in your sign, second decan, as well as Jupiter until the 13th, instills in you tenacity in your efforts, charisma and a desire for a legitimate evolution, take advantage of these beneficial impulses! From the 14th, Jupiter settles in your sector related to your income, balance? From the 21st, the influx of Gemini promises very strong events in love. Whether you are a couple or not yet, love transports you!

Love in General:
Apart from some disagreements in family or at homel, love is your light of the month! You receive the benevolent energies of Gemini, a sign of air like yours, which to you gives mischievous and playful encounters or if you are already in love, a second honeymoon is preparing! Mars breathes its delicate but possessive dynamism, live your sensuality serenely!

In a relationship:
Privilege your couple to the detriment of the family! Choose to protect your other half from potential conflicts up until the 20th. Listen to your inner voice and express your wisdom to your partner. From the 21st, the Sun, Mercury and Venus boost your feelings, the end of the month is very complicit and loving.

From the 10th, Venus favors your sentimental quest, Mercury is working, from the 5th, to give you the right words while the Sun, from the 21st, offers you an irresistible charisma! In other words, throughout the month your chances of meeting love are high. It's your turn !

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Even if the family or the residence can cause some unexpected annoyances, especially first decan, refocus your monthly light on the love sector during this month of comfort and happiness! You are lucky!

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