Aquarius July 2021 Horoscope

Professional concentration and a spotlight on your intimate relationship! Until the 22nd, the energies of Cancer invite you to take care of yourself, to be focused on your work and in your daily life.

Mars and Venus, facing your sign, reinforce what makes you difference, with a little excess but, fortunately, your desire for relationship well-being persists, phew! Saturn in your sign continues his teaching of wisdom and rigor, first decan, while Jupiter in Pisces until the 28th, clearly favors your banking income, last decan. A little tension is possible in your home or family, first decan, the season allows you to escape! From the 23rd, the sun in Leo completes the highlighting of others, while Venus increases your libido. The end of month is animated!

Love in General:
Love occupies your thoughts until the 12th, while Mars, the planet of desire, camps until the 29th in your sector dedicated to the couple, as well as Venus, the planet of feelings, until the 22nd: the sky favors your monthly emotions. Love will be flamboyant or it will not be, leave aside your activist nature and give life to these energies of fire capable of changing your love life.

In a relationship:
Complicity, sensuality, your couple is protected by the sky, little or no disharmony in perspective. Carefully avoid family or home discussions and refocus on your love together. Ideally, play sports and go out together, your couple will enjoy these moments just for you!

With Saturn in your sign, you long for a serious meeting, short of the ephemeral! Mars and Venus could announce an important meeting, which is possible before the 22nd. Unless a love at first sight falls on you during a family event but it could be complicated. Get ready!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The monthly energies are lenient for your sign! Summer is here, you prepare your suitcases or you close your last professional records. Anyway, you have the green light to fall in love or to continue your beautiful evolution!

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