Aquarius January 2021 Horoscope

A winter introspection and a beneficial structuring of your personality! The energies of Capricorn and the Sun until the 19th and Mercury until the 9th invite you to think and ask yourself.

Saturn and Jupiter arrive in your constellation favoring a beautiful anchorage, a sense of responsibility is increased, as well as a beautiful evolution, first decan, formidable! Love is friendly until the 11th then could either hide from the eyes of the world or become silent starting from the 10th. You are stimulated during your travels or meetings by Mars in Aries until the 6th, but beware of family disagreements or disagreements in the home from the 7th to the 30th, diplomacy will be your best weapon! From the 20th, the Sun returns home and joins Mercury, the program: a high-performance spirit and a beautiful aura. It is a nice month!

Love in General:
The whole first week love takes you and transports you, Venus and Mars announce a synergy between your feelings and your desires. Then, calm settles down, Venus becomes secret and cold while Mars boosts your sign in an excessive way. Some slip ups are possible, do not confuse enthusiasm and haste. Let go in case of disagreements, love is worth a little diplomacy!

In a relationship:
Not talkative until the 9th communication becomes your specialty and facilitates your intellectual complicity with your other half. A beautiful Venus of fire ignites your relationship, optimism and joy! Enjoy it, from the 10th, your feelings are shy or hidden, Mars square to your sign makes you nervous. Relax, your other half is not for nothing!

An emotional meeting is possible especially if you frequent your often numerous friends regularly, especially until the 9th. However, your dynamism will be powerful even excessive, take care of your approach, use your quirky humor. Your personality shines from the 20th, act with simplicity, big feelings will come or not!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Winter suits you like a glove, a complex personality you like to disturb and disappoint your entourage. Saturn and Jupiter in your sign announces a beautiful rejoicing but you will have to accompany it seriously, it is a slow process. The start of the year is fresh but not cold!

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