Aquarius February 2021 Horoscope

Charisma, love and moral performance, a superb month! Your constellation receives the Sun until the 19th, Mercury throughout the month, Venus until the 25th and the heavyweights of the zodiac: Jupiter and Saturn! You go straight to the best version of yourself! A bit of agitation could enliven your home, Mars and Uranus in Taurus square to your sign announce conflicts or unexpected events that can change this area, relax! Neptune soothes your mind and even gives it a hint of pure financial inspiration, stay conscious about money, second decan. Your inner life is always changing under the energies of Pluto, what is important to you, third decan? From the 19th, financial affairs come back in the spotlight, check your books!

Love in General:
You radiate love until the 25th that is to say if your chances of emotional fulfillment are real! Whether you are accompanied or not, the universe allows you to express your love potential through your behavior and your words, Mercury in your sign indicates this. Mars and Uranus can make you nervous at home or in your private life, know it and fix it!

In a relationship:
Beautiful monthly energies! Venus in your sign until the 25th endows you with diplomacy and sensitivity, which can soften your temperament that is a hair electric and favor your conjugal life for the happiness of your other half and yourself! Jupiter and Saturn add optimism and seriousness to your charm, not bad!

Before the 19th your charm is absolute and your seduction is effective. Then, you get the impact of Venus, embodying the love you attract. Reconcile your desires with your feelings and a meeting could emerge. Your friends are often your favorite way to meet people, we do not change a winning team!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Your sign is spoiled this winter month, there are some possible but not certain annoyances, either in the home or family that may destabilize you! Intrepid and free as you are, live these impulses with open-mindedness!

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