Aquarius April 2021 Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope for April 2021 :Quality exchanges and residential or family movements! The energies of Aries harmoniously connected to your sign until the 19th, favor all your contacts, your meetings, your morale and your movements. Your open nature to the world will love these three weeks of discovery in your relationships.

Jupiter and Saturn, at home, boost your evolution, last two decans! Mars in Gemini in your emotional sector until the 23rd, accentuate your emotional desires, love opens your arms, what will you do with it? Last decan, Pluto acts in depth to reveal to you while Neptune invites you to monitor your financial affairs. From the 20th, a cluster in Taurus tumbles in your residential sector, stay calm if communication is escalating. Same thing in family, everyone has their vision of life, practice tolerance!

Love in General:
Dynamism and conquest give your approach to love a beautiful communicative energy that will not leave your entourage indifferent. For you the emotional exchanges are underpinned by implicit promises, you are seductive! Mars increases your libido and your creative power. After the 20th, an influx square to your sign announces excess, stay zen!

In a relationship:
A burning passion slips between you two until the 19th! Your feelings are revived, you fall in love reciprocally and it's very pleasant. Your sensuality is powerful based on sweet or naughty words, you choose! After the 20th, calm things down, the climate will be a bit delicate.

Mars energizes your spirit and could change your emotional status! Your chances of meeting someone are real, bet on cultural or festive outings, it's possible your soulmate hides there! The Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aries largely favor your emotional quest, act promptly before the 20th!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The planetary atmosphere promises to be harmonious for your sign. Enjoy the dynamic influx of Jupiter and Saturn that warms your life. In the last week, Mars in Cancer and the planets in Taurus jostle your daily life, harmony is less certain. Patience!

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