Aquarius 2021 Horoscope

This year marks the beginning of a seven-year period of innovative change, breakthrough, and personal revolution. You may feel that the world is finally open to some of your ideas, and you can see the glimmer of a new light on the horizon. You are developing powerful friends who understand and support your interests, and can lend your strength to causes that open the way for future growth. You may feel ready to drop some old assumptions in favor of embracing new ideals that enhance the quality of your life.
Uranus, your planetary ruler, enters Aquarius this year, where it will remain through the year 2003. Ushering in renewed hope for common humanity, this cycle can stimulate powerful social and economic change in the outside world. The impact of this period in your life can be far-reaching, and may stimulate you to make changes that seemed impossible before.
Depending upon the exact date of your birth, this cycle will be more influential during certain years of this seven-year period. You will feel the impact of the energy throughout the next seven years, and have a chance to finally release outworn and heavy burdens impeding your growth.
The planet Jupiter travels through your solar 12th house, promoting a renewed sense of inner peace and harmony. It’s time to embrace your dreams, listen to your inner voice, and forgive old hurts. Your focus turns to the factors deep within your psyche that allow you to feel compassion for yourself and others.
You also may feel more capable of giving yourself time to contemplate the more spiritual elements of life. You may need more time to be alone with your thoughts, since this can be a period of enhanced creative inspiration, and you may be more interested in exploring
metaphysical study. The benefits of this cycle occur primarily from the acceptance and tolerance that arise from its influence, and from the desire to reach an understanding of those elements of life that are usually hidden beneath the surface. This period is excellent for preparatory work, and can be a good time to seek a master teacher or mentor who inspires your creativity and helps you see the truth of yourself. You also may find that others are drawn to you for support and inspiration, and it’s crucial to remain aware of the limits of your capabilities in this regard.
You can easily overextend by giving too much of yourself, and then feel depleted or victimized by another’s misuse of your energy. Generally, the effects of this period are positive, allowing you to integrate the inner and outer aspects of your life more fully.
The solar and lunar eclipses emphasize your need to know and understand, and may stimulate a desire to become involved in educational pursuits, travel, writing, or publishing. You also are experiencing profound revelations concerning your connection to humanity, and our common needs. Your ideas can be especially in-fluential in affecting change, and you may find that others are more open to hearing what you have to say.
Just as importantly, you are listening and can become an instrument for achieving highly effective communication. You also may have better connections with others, partly due to improved technology. You are searching for the common threads in a world of diversity.

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