Aquarius Monthly Wellness Horoscope

A persistent health issue has caused you to focus on your health. As the month advances you would be able to appreciate the difference that adopting a health regime has brought to your health. In the second week positivity helps you immensely on the health front. You get relief from a recent ailment. However, this doesn’t mean you can take your good health for granted. Stomach-aches due to overeating are indicated for some of you. Make sure that you stick to a healthy diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables. In the third week consult your eye specialist immediately even if you suffer from a minor eye problem. Going for a routine health check-up is advised this week. Those of you who had been suffering from minor ailments will recover completely and feel free from all the tension that you’ve been feeling of late. In the last week you get a good start with your recurring backache finally disappearing. Teenagers need to stop wasting their time in front of the TV and get out and have some form of exercise. This is a good month to start that exercise regimen that you have been planning for a long time now.

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