Aquarius Wellness Horoscope

Aquarius physical structure of woman - The Aquarius woman is considered to be most gorgeous with high loftiness and jagged features. The pretty features in them are pelt and snout. They have cavy nose and substantial hair. The eyes gives the twinkling achieves with exuberance. The cheeks are having indentations and they are dimply. The smirk is delicate and the accent is lucid and eloquent. They sometimes look much peculiar, that is the circumstances they don't look stern. She is an autonomous and an open minded woman. Her scenery is very straight frontward.

Aquarius physical structure of man- He is a man who is tall heighted and having a broad personality. The nose is sharp and hair is thick. He is basically a very interactive and social animal. In relationships of adore he won't take it seriously and he will be obvious in his converse about his liaisons. He is lacking consideration and understanding for populace.

Food habits of Aquarius - As the Aquarius known as the water bearers they should be choosy when it comes to food but sometimes healthy snacking sometimes turn into the junky snacking. They should eat to improve their circulatory system and they should eat the marine fish, oysters and almost all the sea victuals because they like sea food they are the lovers of sea food as the Aquarius is associated to sea. They are caffeine addicted also we can say they are the coffee aficionado.

Aquarius habits - The water bearers are known for their independency and their aptitude to receive an assortment. They can go to any coverage to facilitate others and when it comes to them they rebuff to acknowledge help from others when they are need. They also hide their feelings when they are forlorn they don't show it and convey a grin on their face. When it comes to romantic relationships they act very immaturely and can ruin your reputation if not matched with the people he or she was with like friends and family.

Aquarius health - According to medical astrology the water bearers are having feeble legs and ankles and also their bones are very puny which can cause minor breakages and accidents. They are also prone to nervous disorders also because of their trauma and fretfulness. They are independent people so mostly there thing associated with computer addiction and can cause brain tumor. They are also prone to the problem of ankle swelling and hemoglobin loss.

Aquarius beauty scope - They prefer to wear the blue and green color or the color related to these colors as they look superior and bring charisma. They clutches there selves very significantly and they just change their hairdo once in a day. They love to combine their granny's or nanny's style with today's fashion and make it more classy and reliable look. They are more found of retro fashion like bell bottom pants to tight tops. They prefer comfortable dresses rather than going in the flow of fashion of today's century. They are having very pragmatic dressing sagacity.

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