Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Though the emergence of a new year typically conjures images of large parties, bottles of bubbly, and people celebrating, you might not be in the most extroverted mood with four celestial bodies traveling through your solar twelfth house. That’s right, dear Aquarius, 2023 threatens to kick off with you stuck in a bit of rut, potentially causing you to slip into hermit mode. Luckily, the stars support your desire for solitude, especially once Venus moves into your sign on January 2, encouraging you to prioritize self-care, restoration, and grace through the coming weeks.

Luckily, you’ll feel inspired to stick your toe back into the social pool beginning when Mars ends its retrograde reign of terror through Gemini on the twelfth. This planetary backspin likely left you feeling moody, tired, and uninspired during the past two and a half months, though these symptoms will begin to dissipate moving forward. If you’re not quite ready for late nights out on the town, consider directing your focus toward passion projects and creativity.

January Premium HoroscopeWe are not going to lie, the month ahead comes with its fair share of intense aspects! January is a month that will keep you on your toes.

Your star begins to rise when the sun migrates into your sign on January 20! This solar placement helps you reconnect with your identity and sense of self just in time to carry on with your solar return festivities. The Aquarius new moon the next day ushers in an abundance of supportive energy from beyond the veil, so be sure to set meaningful intentions for how you’d like to grow through the next year. Meanwhile, Venus moves into Pisces on the twenty-sixth, elevating your ability to manifest your wildest dreams into reality.

Standout days: 2, 5, 22
Challenging days: 10, 14, 28

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