Aquarius 2021 Love Horoscope

The last year social trends are continuing. There is a greater interest in free and uncommitted relationships than in serious romance.

Friendship – the meeting of people with like minds and orientation – is much more important than romance.

Besides, your hectic, frenetic lifestyle makes it difficult to get involved in serious romance. Your romantic moods shift and change like the wind, and this also complicates the picture. Looks to me like the status quo will prevail. Marrieds will stay married, singles will stay single.

The above is especially true for those working towards a first or second marriage. Those working towards a third marriage have romance in store – and a strong possibility of marriage – after 13th February.

The person in question would seem to be prominent, career-orientated – perhaps a boss or superior at work. A whirlwind romance is in store.

Many Aquarius are slowly evolving your images and personalities – continuously upgrading them.

Never content with what is – and even when you find some measure of contentment – a new idea or new image comes to you, something better than before, and you change again.

You’re in the process of learning who you are, and thus it is difficult for you to have a love ideal. One’s choice of a partner is totally dependent on one’s self-concept.

Your social grace and magnetism are nevertheless very strong. Personal charisma is strong. You project an aura of excitement and mystery.

The opposite sex is attracted, but the problem is with you. Those of you involved with Aquarians need a lot of patience and need to give them a lot of space. Learn to enjoy the mood changes and frequent changes of image.

Dating or living with an Aquarian means being involved with many different people. You could be madly in love with one of the personalities and totally hate the other. An interesting experience.

The area of friendship is of much more interest to you this year. New and significant friends – of high stature and position – are coming into your life after 13th February.

Your status in a group or professional organization is enhanced. Group activities – always enjoyable – are even more enjoyable in 2021.

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