Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

The sexy combo of Venus in fire sign Aries lights up your love life this week. If you’ve been trying hard to ignore the chemistry between you and a platonic friend or co-worker, you might lose the battle during this exciting transit. Like, why deny yourself what you really want?

On Friday, the sun exchanges the earthy energy of Taurus for the charm of Gemini, giving you a whole month of being able to freely talk to just about anyone you want. In fact, you make such a great impression during this social transit that someone might ask you to marry them on your very first date!

You have a lot of inner emotional reserves that you don’t normally tap, but the insightful Mars-Pluto sextile over the weekend helps change that. You’ve got a lot on your mind now, but most of it should be self-affirming. The more you believe in yourself, Aquarius, the more amazing things can start to happen.

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