Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

Your dating life benefits from the casual vibe of the easygoing Libra sun this week. Gone is any pressure you’ve been feeling to couple up or move more quickly than you have with someone new, and it’s been replaced by a “whatever happens, happens” attitude. How refreshing!

More intense energy comes with the aggressive Mars-Saturn trine on Tuesday, urging you to act on an intense physical attraction you have to someone. You’re usually fine with quick hookups and casual encounters, but this aspect has long-term vibes. Be forewarned that if you have sex with someone now, there are definite strings attached.

Over the weekend you experience a decadent Venus-Jupiter opposition that encourages you to act on your desires and then hits you with some unfortunate consequences because of it. Don’t fall for the Universe’s BS during this aspect, Aquarius! If you see potential red flags, run away instead of indulging.

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