Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

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Beauty might only be skin deep, but the duo of asteroid Vesta in beauty-loving Libra reminds you that you honestly don’t care about that sometimes! Is there anything wrong with having a super fun time with a super hot date and just embracing your shallowness? Right now, the answer is no.

The sun also leaves compassionate Cancer for drama-loving Leo midweek, adding to the spectacle that has become your love life. Other people love to gossip about what might go on behind your bedroom door, but they’re just jealous. Just do you now, Aquarius!

There’s a full moon in your sometimes-aloof sign later in the week that might highlight the fact that you’re currently pretty detached from your emotions. Which is okay as long as you’re not giving a different impression to the person you’re talking to or spending time with.

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