Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

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The stressful square between powerful Mars in fiery Leo and your ruler Uranus in fixed Taurus on July 3 doesn’t get your love life off to a great start this month. Finding someone you vibe with could be difficult under this energy because there will be more conflicts than strong attractions. Luckily, you don’t really mind being alone.

Your emotions play more of a role in your discussions when messenger Mercury leaves logical Gemini for water sign Cancer on the eleventh, which will be relatively new territory for you. Because you like to stay removed from deep feelings most of the time, expressing how you feel could either be freeing or frightening. Go at your own pace.

The moon is full in your rebellious sign on July 23, so you aren’t very interested in doing things the way everyone else does them. Get used to people rolling their eyes and calling you names like “weird” and “strange.” What they don’t know is that you consider those terms compliments!

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