Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Great news for you, restless Aquarius: on October 2, Mercury ends its retrograde cycle, turning off the cosmic “keep seat belts fastened” sign and letting you know you can now roam about freely! You don’t know exactly where this next journey will take you, but you’re super relieved that the turbulence is over (at least for now)!

You’ve been pretty tame (i.e., on the quiet side and contemplative) while asteroid Vesta has been spinning retrograde in your rebellious sign lately, but it goes direct on the fifth and you’re making your intentions known. And they might be naughty. Which will appeal to the right people (we’re talking to you, Gemini and Leo).

Ambitious Saturn has also been paired with your offbeat sign during its recent retrograde cycle, and when it stations direct on October 22, you should feel a major momentum shift. Like you’ve been stuck in the mud this whole time and now you can finally get out, clean yourself up, look around and take the next step in the direction you were trying to go before you got bogged down. Your love goals are a bit weird (according to some people) yet strangely focused.

Aquarius Compatibility