Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope

The month of October brings some peace of mind. The new moon in Libra is on October 6, and you might get the test results for your professional license or required educational courses you’ve been working on, and it looks like you passed. Now you can relax a little, Aquarius.

Mercury and Jupiter are direct as of the eighteenth, and over the next few days some information you’re waiting for from an overseas office or a foreign company now comes through. This can also mean that a shipment you’ve been waiting for has now passed through customs.

October 20 brings the full moon in Aries, and miscommunication is quite possible. Be very careful when responding to make sure that autocorrect hasn't put words in your mouth. Also, notice if you’re responding to a group text when you think you're speaking to just one person.

Mars enters Scorpio on the thirtieth, and you could receive some publicity that helps you out a great deal. Your company may be written up in a magazine, or you could be interviewed for a podcast. If you're looking for a job, your resume magically floats to the top of the pile, and you can gain the interview.

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