Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope

This month has Mercury moving forward in Virgo on October 2, and Aquarius, a financial offer that you’re waiting for finally comes through. You might find a bank that gives you a lower interest rate or is willing to meet your terms. Now you need to get the paperwork done and sent to the right person.

On the ninth, there’s a full moon in Aries, and some difficulty with a coworker seems to be getting better. Your frank communication helps a lot in this situation.

There’s a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25, and there could be a major shake-up at your job. You might get a new boss or there could be layoffs. Your company might be bought by another firm. Over the next week, you might hear news, but this will ultimately unfold over a six-month period. Get your resume ready just in case.

Retrograde Jupiter enters Pisces on the twenty-seventh, and for the next six weeks you’ll have more luck with money. This can indicate you’re earning more money from your job or your small business is starting to take off. You might receive money from an unexpected source that you can use to get a business off the ground.

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