Aquarius Third Decan

Third decan Aquarius born between February 9 and February 18. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Venus. They tend to be of a romantic disposition and appear very attractive to the opposite sex. They live life in the fast lane, and hardly find time for rest. They take a broad view of life. The romantic tendencies that they have can often cause misunderstandings. They tend to act on instinct, which they fully trust. They crave for constant change and variety. Others may be confused by their unpredictable attitude. They are impulsive and are prone to acting too soon, and thinking of the consequences later. They are compassionate and large-herated.

The third Decan Aquarius personality is characterized by romanticism, impulsiveness and charm. Their constant need for excitement and change allows them to explore many fascinating interests. They love to be in love and romance plays a big part in their life. Because of their need for change and restless nature they can just as easily fall out of love and want to move on to someone new.

They are very attractive and have many admirers because of their mysterious nature. Many people will try to figure them out but few can really understand their true nature. The main flaws in this Decan Aquarius personality is impulsiveness. They tend to act first and think later. They are also very restless and get bored with situations and people easily. They are very generous to those they. Of all the Aquarians they are the most emotional and sensitive.

Aquarius Third Decan - Mental Man of Venus

If your birthday falls between February 9 and February 18, you belong to the third decan of Aquarius, which is sub-ruled by Venus, the planetary ruler of the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra.

I trust that most of you know Venus is the goddess of love, sex and beauty, and also the mother of Cupid, who is known for shooting arrows into the hearts of unsuspecting mortals to get them to fall in love. So naturally under this influence, you are not only bestowed with attractive physical features that make heads turn for a second look, but you also have a very romantic personality.

You believe it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all; you are willing to sacrifice everything in the name of love; you enjoy giving your sweetie beautiful surprises every now and then to show the depth of your affection; and you can be rather eccentric, adventurous, fussy and demanding in bed – the unusual and extraordinary intrigue you, so it is a possibility that you might explore untried lovemaking positions and kinky adult toys, or who knows, maybe threesome and group sex, too.

You possess irresistible charming and have a be-nice-to-me-and-I’ll-be-nice-to-you attitude towards others. There is a danger that members of the opposite sex might get the wrong impression that you are romantically interested in them as you behave playfully around them. You may not realize it, my friend, but flirting is second nature to you and you can attract anyone, even that serious-minded librarian.

You are a sociable and gregarious person that enjoys meeting new people and expanding your network of contacts. However, you have high standards and are extremely selective in choosing who is worthy of your friendship and time.

If an individual in your social circle who has proved themself to be a true friend needs your help, you are quick to put on your superhero cape and rescue them from trouble. But if they use you at their convenience, you have no hesitation in cutting them off. You can be utterly cruel and vindictive when being hurt by people you trust.

You have a stubborn streak in you, which I feel is not a bad thing, because once you set your mind on a goal, you will pour all your efforts to achieve it. However, it would become a negative trait, if you choose to ignore well-intentioned advice and criticism. Others may accuse you of being wilful and difficult. Strive to be flexible.

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