Aquarius Second Decan

Second decan Aquarius born between January 30 and February 8. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Mercury. People born under this Decan are logical and witty, and they easily connect with people intellectually. They are unpredictable and derive great joy from constantly changing circumstances. They are good at analyzing situations and taking decisions intellectually. They will not let emotions interfere in the process. They tend to excel in academic fields. They live life at a hectic pace and want quick results in whatever they do.

The second Decan Aquarius personality is characterized by openness, honesty and imagination. They do not have hidden agendas, ‘what you see is what you get’ from them. They are honest and truthful and expect the same of others. They are very intelligent, quick witted and they allow their head to rule over heart and they think very carefully before they reach decisions. They like puzzles, mysteries and anything that challenges intellect.

They are a natural academics and scholars; they can excel in a number of professions. They also possess a strong imagination and can turn their hand to creative writing. They are gifted communicators and use the power of the word to their advantage. In writing as well as speaking they can get their message across eloquently and convincingly. They have a tendency to want instant results and live life at a fast pace. Their quick mind can outpace others.

Aquarius Second Decan - Emotional Man of Mercury

In astrology, Mercury is a quick-moving planet that represents intelligence, communication as well as day-to-day expressions and relationships. This means you are blessed not only with the gift of gab that allows you to speak eloquently to anyone and make them feel really comfortable as though they are listening to an old friend telling his or her interesting life story, but also have the ability to analyze situations and think logically.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that your name always pops up in the minds of people in your circle when they need a persuasive talker to influence decisions, or when they are torn between two seemingly fantastic options, or perhaps, when they cannot figure out what the hell happened.

Your playmates and BFFs also admire you for your powerful imagination and enthusiasm in everything you do plus they are thankful that you are tolerant, generous and willing to share. You give often without asking or expecting something in return, and derive great joy from being of help to others.

You are, by nature, an inquisitive person that is always looking to learn or experience new things, not to mention, tries to find an explanation to whatever that raises a big question mark in your head.

My friend, watch that the curious cat in you doesn’t act in ways that will annoy sensitive folks in your midst – and prompt them to toss politeness out of the window, and tell you to stop poking your nose in their business. This is sure to bring out the quarrelsome side of you that speaks the language of sarcasm very fluently.

You love a good gossip sesh and talk about who is doing what; but because you are born with immense creativity, it is possible that you might exaggerate a little bit to make things more exciting, or to attract attention. You can be quite a shrewd manipulator when it comes to getting what you want, especially from your romantic partner and/or those guilt-prone individuals.

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