Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

When Aquarius and Aries get together, you get the impression that they could change the world – if only they stayed together long enough. Unfortunately, not many of them do. Aquarius and Aries compatibility is a strange and wondrous thing when it works, but it’s not a terrific match for a conventional relationship because these two signs handle the world very differently.

At first glance you might think that this couple could learn a lot from one another, and you’d probably be right. However, neither Aries nor Aquarius feels they have much to learn on a personal level, and their individual arrogance might be what holds them back. Aries can be selfish and arrogant in a direct, personal way. Aquarius is not arrogant on the surface, but does exhibit a kind of intellectual arrogance which will turn Aries right off. Aquarius and Aries compatibility can work well as a friendship or a professional relationship, but its quirks make it a tricky combination for love and romance.

It’s not always easy to understand Aquarius/Aries compatibility; relationship astrology can give us clues, but this is a complex partnership to crack. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and war. Straight off, you can see how this sits uneasily with the Aquarius partner, ruled as he or she is by Saturn, planet of restraint and logic, and Uranus, planet of vision. Aquarians are opposed to war, even of the internalised, relationship kind. They’re much too visionary for that, and will want to rise above the petty squabbles Aries excels at. Meanwhile, Aries feels stifled by Aquarius’ lack of emotional displays, and rather cross at being outwitted intellectually. For Aquarius and Aries, compatibility comes only if both sides are willing to compromise rather a lot.

It’s not all bad news. Aries does admire the quirkiness and eccentricity of Aquarius, and Aquarius is impressed with how easily Aries gets things done. If – but it’s a big if – they learn to co-operate, they can be wonderfully creative together, with Aries bringing Aquarius’ big ideas to life. Mankind could certainly benefit from such a partnership, but the two individuals might find it too contrary to bear. It’s like one of those food combinations which ought to be good for you, but tastes a little off! Unfortunately for Aquarius/Aries compatibility, relationship stress of any kind can be a killer for this delicate balance. This is definitely a relationship which works best in an unconventional setting. An off the wall lifestyle will suit Aquarius and Aries; compatibility in a reality where someone has to pay the bills, take out the trash and get the kids ready for school is much harder to find. Mutual respect between these two star signs will quickly fizzle and fade under everyday, routine pressures.

Aries certainly warms up Aquarius in the bedroom, so an interesting (and even slightly kinky!) sex life helps to keep this couple together, but even there Aquarius aloofness can be misinterpreted by jealous Aries and could be the source of even more tension. Remember that although fire (Aries) needs air (Aquarius) in order to survive, air doesn’t really need fire all that much. Elementally, however, air warmed by fire will rise to new heights, so Aquarius can benefit from Aries ability to inspire and to encourage – but if that inspiration comes at a cost of their personal freedom, the Aquarius partner is likely to decline. Aquarius and Aries compatibility stumbles when it comes to issues of space and fidelity, because while Aries demands loyalty, Aquarius demands freedom.

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility Scores

Exciting and fun, the match of Aquarius and Aries has solid potential, though it may be challenging in some specific areas... You’re both impulsive and bold lovers, and will appreciate each others inhibition and sense of adventure. You both place a high value on independence, which works well as neither of you will smother the other. You’re also both optimistic and somewhat rebellious.

Zodiac SignsCompatibilityLoveCommunication
Aquarius and AriesHighMediumHigh

Aquarius and Aries Relationships

The first date between Aquarius and Aries will be in a colorful and unusual restaurant. Going Indian or Thai fits their adventurous curiosity. Aries signs are sometimes seen as impractical and naive, and Aquarius signs are often perceived as crazy and over the top. This means that these two zodiac signs will connect just on the basis that they both feel misunderstood.

To seduce an Aquarius man Aries should play it cool and somewhat detached. To seduce an Aquarius woman treat her very lady like and court her. Aries signs are seduced by courage and strength. If either zodiac lover gets clingy, the other one will leave. If a love match between Aquarius and Aries happens, the two will fall into bed right away. However, out of the bedroom the relationship will have some problems.

A problem in the love relationship between Aquarius and Aries is their equal need for control. Another problem is that Aquarius, with a natural tendency to be aloof, bores Aries who won’t stick around without the payoff of reciprocated feelings. Aries’ horoscope advises giving in just a little. Aquarius’ horoscope advises getting involved in the Aries lover’s life and feelings. Appreciating each others qualities and practicing kindness may resolve these problems.

Astrologically, a love match between these two signs has a good possibility. Aquarius and Aries both seek creativity in the bedroom. The erogenous zone for Aquarius is calves and ankles. Most Aquarius signs think having their ankles tied together is a very sensual act. Aries’ erogenous zone is the head. Head and neck massages are relaxing for both signs in this love match.

Chances for a marriage between these two zodiac signs are not very hopeful. Aquarius won’t stay just out of duty. Aries gets fed up with the power struggle and looks for new challenges. Their long-term relationship or marriage can be explosively disruptive and hard to reconcile. Eventually, this couple may see the relationship as irrelevant and remember how well they can do on their own.

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