Snake Aquarius

Snake Aquarius are intelligent, charming, colorful, and intuitive. They are highly observant and have a knack for anticipating the behavior of others. They are very analytical by nature and while they can be eccentric at times, they calculate their moves carefully before making them. They are very good with words and can convince others to do what they want, but they also try to avoid being manipulative, unless they need to for the greater good.

Often, members of this sign spend a great deal of energy fighting an inner struggle to balance selfishness with selflessness. Part of them wants to save the world, but the practical side also wants to make sure they and their family are taken care of. Because they never act until they are ready, a Snake Aquarius can spend a great deal of time poring over decisions, which can be unhealthy because they get stressed out easily.

Snake Aquarius Traits

Enjoying penetrating intelligence, you understand everything very quickly. Nothing escapes the glance of your mind. And yet, because of your excessive cerebralism, you tend to judge by basing yourself on theories and not on realities and to get lost in abstraction. This is to say that you’re of a basically utopian nature.

You always feel the need to please and make yourself accepted because it’s unbearable for you to be rejected or ill-liked. You’ve have much charm and sincerity, with a deliciously romantic side; but you’re also elusive and unpredictable. The spirit of equity and justice is very much developed within you.

You’re better made for an artistic or intellectual career than for regular jobs. Rather dilettante, you can’t bear sustained efforts. Generally, you can succeed in the professional and material domain only with the support of others, notably through love or marriage.

Amorous of love, you can know numerous successes heartwise. But you often remain dissatisfied because it’s not easy for you to find a person worthy of your aspirations. Your fidelity is rather shaky. But once you’ve found your ideal, you prove to be the most exquisite of lovers, full of charm and attentions. Generally you get married young or not at all.

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