Rooster Aquarius

Much like their animal namesake, members of the Rooster Aquarius Zodiac sign are colorful, adventurous, and naturally draw attention from those around them. They want to make the most out of life, so they make big goals and big plans and truly believe in their ability to achieve them. In truth, they have more ability to achieve big goals than many other Zodiac signs, as long as they can stay humble enough to see their lives for what they really are, not what they want them to be.

With such big dreams, a Rooster Aquarius can easily get lost on the wrong path. They will chase a dream to the ends of the Earth, but if they’ve lost perspective, it may be the opposite end of the Earth they intended to be on. They succeed mostly because of their confidence and likability. Their big personalities and ability to get things done draw people in and make them believe in whatever the Rooster Aquarius wants them to. They are not manipulators, though. They believe that honesty is the best policy, even if that honesty is offensive to others.

Rooster Aquarius Traits

You’re endowed with solid realism, an iron will, and great aggressivity. Passion constitutes the motor of your life. And yet, you often have a difficult destiny which you can hardly control. It seems that you’re made to undergo a rigorous fate. You won’t be immune to numerous ordeals in the course of your existence, notably upheavals in your youth concerning your family.

You’re perspicacious, a refined psychologist, and can uphold your convictions to the bitter end. You want to impose yourself, which is not difficult because you’re fascinating for your followers. But your brutal frankness arouses strong and tenacious enmities.

You’ve great capacities for science, research, biology, large-scale discoveries, which can bring you glory. But when it comes to material matters, your judgment is not very sure.

With you, passions are as powerful as the taste for independence. Your sentimental life is a permanent struggle between these two tendencies, not counting the frequent interference of jealousy. It is therefore ordinarily complicated and stormy, strewn with thoughtless engagements and brutal break-ups. If you want to achieve certain stability heartwise, you must fight and overcome your exacerbated self-centeredness.

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