Rat Aquarius

Rat Aquarius is a highly contradictory sign. Members of this sign struggle with different parts of their personality on a regular basis, though those around them will hardly notice. They are simultaneously philanthropic and greedy. They want to be seen as different from everyone else while being accepted by those same people. They are talkative, charming, and funny one day and quietly lost in their own thoughts the next. They are often extremely friendly and likable but can be self-centered and downright aggressive at any time.

Members of the Rat Aquarius sign are always deeply intelligent and perceptive. They can see what everyone else sees, but on deeper levels and multiple layers with ease. It’s unlikely that anyone will be able to get anything past a Rat Aquarius without them noticing, though it’s equally unlikely that they will let you know if they are onto your game. They are capable of accomplishing just about anything they want to, but they often struggle with knowing exactly what that is.

Rat Aquarius Traits

What you hate most in life is stability and sedentariness, whether physical or mental. You constantly need changes and fluctuations. You want to live like a real draft, completely impossible for others to grasp. Prone to nomadism, you’re always on roads, or at least pursue an activity which allows you great mobility of mind. You can’t bear any constraint or engagement. And yet, you’ve the sense of friendship and always try to honor your given word.

Better gifted for the abstract than the concrete, you can best succeed in artistic or intellectual careers. You’re full of ingeniosity and ideas of genius, but your lack of perseverance can make you miss your opportunities. It’s impossible for you to adapt yourself to a sedentary or routine job. Writing, journalism, topicality, and public relations are your preferred domains. Your gains and professional activities are most often irregular; moreover, you’re very extravagant. But chance can serve you from time to time.

You value love highly, but you show yourself rather changeable in your attachments because you don’t bear monotony. You need a great community of ideas and tastes so as to stabilize yourself in the amorous field. You then prove to be the most charming, the most comprehensive of partners.

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