Rabbit Aquarius

People tend to assume that Rabbit Aquarius are lazy, but this is really not the case. Sure, they prefer to hang around their home a good deal, but it’s not because they don’t want to do anything, they just like to take things slow. Like their animal namesake, members of the Sloth sign are unafraid to show their unique nature. They are extremely friendly to the point of seeming a bit naive. That paired with their tendency to avoid confrontation and it’s easy to see why others often see Rabbit Aquarius as being weak.

In reality, Rabbit Aquarius are great diplomats. They are socially adept when they want to be, and approach even the most difficult situations with patience and grace. While they are exceptional keeping cool under pressure, they tend to internalize the negative emotions of those around them, though you would never know it by looking at them. When this happens, Rabbit Aquarius shut down and keep to themselves, which is difficult for them and those who know them well. They prefer helping others with their problems over sharing their own, which only makes it harder for their friends and family to help them when they get depressed.

Rabbit Aquarius Traits

Two not easily reconcilable natures exist within you — one wants to take all risks and adopts all changes; the other clings to security and conventions. It’s not easy for you to live this paradox eternally. And yet, you can achieve admirable things if you know how to profit from both your innovative mind and methodical spirit. Otherwise you run the risk of scattering your energies in all directions.

You willingly cultivate the taste for secret — you like to be guessed at, you don’t talk much, and your rare words are often marked with certain causticity. Sometimes you let yourself go to very aggressive pessimism.

Generally you remain rather indifferent or indolent when it comes to material or practical matters, which can relegate you to a modest situation. It’s therefore dedication and motivation that are needed if you want to have beautiful professional success. You’re above all gifted for intellectual jobs.

Heartwise, you tend to doubt yourself and the beloved one, because you’re so keen on analyzing your sentiments as well as those of your partner. You need someone who gives you more friendship than love, who understands you and helps you overcome your discouragement more than he/she lavishes you with caresses.

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