Pig Aquarius

The Pig Aquarius is largely misunderstood. That goes for the animal as well as the Zodiac sign. Often seen as dangerous and unpredictable, Pig Aquarius really just want to be left alone by people (or fish) that they don’t know. That’s not to say that members of this sign are not social. In fact, they strongly prefer being with friends and family over being alone. It’s just that they like things they way they expect them to be, and new people or places disrupt that aspect of their personality.

Members of this sign are intelligent, insightful, kind, helpful, and well-liked. They can easily be taken advantage of though, and they tend to go along with any plan as long as they believe they are doing good. The only time they become truly dangerous, though, is when they realize they have been pushed too far. As with their animal namesake, those who try to take advantage of a Pig Aquarius will end up taking in much more pain than they anticipated.

The mind of a Pig Aquarius is always full of ideas. Many members of this sign are honest to goodness geniuses, which can be both a blessing and a curse. With the proper outlet, they can make brilliant strides in art, music, science, medicine, engineering, or whatever they put their overactive minds into. Without some practicality around them to even them out, however, Pig Aquarius can become the figurative ‘mad scientist’ of the Zodiac, obsessing over esoteric projects of their own design.

Pig Aquarius Traits

Your personality implies a very operative charm. Nobody can remain insensitive to your freshness, your deliciously childlike side, your kindliness. It’s perhaps because you always keep inside yourself the nostalgia of lost paradises.

Your life is full of surprises and changes, which are most of the time happy, as if you benefit from special divine protection. But this doesn’t prevent you from experiencing difficulties resulting from a permanent conflict between your desire for independence and your need of a lap. You would lose all your means if you aren’t understood and liked. You take time to become adult on the psychic and affective plane. You like to travel, but you always need a home base where persons who love you profoundly would wait for you with open arms.

On the professional plane, you’re less well armed than you want to appear, but you can succeed. You’re an artist or esthete more than an ambitious worker. Success often comes to you following happy intuitions or propitious hazards. Your success is assured in the fields of human and public relations.

Your imagination governs your emotions and sentiments. You tend to idealize your beloved one overly. You’ve enormous faculties of attachment to your dear ones, especially to your children.

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