Monkey Aquarius

A combination of inner intelligence and an energetic sense of playfulness, Monkey Aquarius are lovable, active, and adaptable. At their best, members of this sign are curious tinkerers by day and everyone’s favorite drinking buddy by night. At their worst, Monkey Aquarius allow themselves to become nervous, confused, and overwhelmed in their work and become obnoxious pranksters to their friends.

Balance is a difficult act for the Monkey Aquarius. They have all the potential in the world to be great when they are focused, but too often second-guess their own natural intelligence and their world ends up crashing down around them. Simultaneously, Monkey Aquarius that become too focused on work end up burned out and resentful, while those who become too focused on play end up acting out in immature ways. Thus is the life challenge of the Monkey Aquarius. Since they often have big ideas, their life goal is to reach their goals while balancing out any stresses with their fun, social side.

The good news is that Monkey Aquarius have lots of energy and are adaptable to changes around them. When they feel confident, there is little that they cannot achieve. As long as they stay interested, they can chase any dream. The only problem is that they have a hard time staying interested in one thing for too long. That’s why Monkey Aquarius often have many projects going at once. That way when they get bored with one they can move onto another.

Monkey Aquarius Traits

One says that you’re a little foolish and one isn’t quite wrong! Indeed, you’re often disconnected from reality, you act in a fancy manner, and only want to do what nobody has ever done. You carry very far your desire to single yourself out of the flock. You ostentatiously show your non-conformism on all occasions, not hesitating to verge on anarchism and provocation. But your personality is more picturesque than irritating, more delicious than disturbing, and devoid of all malice and all wickedness. You generally attract sympathies, favors, or disciples, for one cannot but like you.

You’re clever, intelligent, inventive, but so little realistic! It’s why you’re often unable to be on your own in life, and your destiny ordinarily depends on the welcome people will reserve you or the help you’ll receive. In the professional domain, the originality of your views may prove a help or an obstacle to success according to circumstances. Good as well as bad unexpected events pop up continuously in your material situation.

Heartwise, you’re unpredictable and a little chimerical, ordinarily more in love with an illusion than with a person in flesh and bones. You can bewitch as well as become bewitched. If your meet the person who is predestined for you, then you can live an exceptional union, under strange or unusual circumstances.

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