Goat Aquarius

Of all of the Zodiac signs, Goat Aquarius are most likely to be considered “strange”. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign like to do things their own way, which often baffles others. Any of the Zodiac signs that fall under the sun sign of Aquarius are a bit eccentric, but this sign in particular is the least understood. This is mostly because Goat Aquarius are the least likely to explain themselves.

Though they are actually very friendly, they tend to be quiet and reserved, and feel perfectly comfortable living in their own wild fantasies. Though they seem shy, members of the Goat Aquarius sign actually prefer being in a group situation; they are simply content to let others have the spotlight while they observe, ready to contribute to the group when asked.

Not surprisingly, Goat Aquarius are extremely creative thinkers. They have enormous imaginations and are always coming up with new ideas. You’ll often find a Goat Aquarius staring out the window or off into the distance. In these times they are lost deep in their own thoughts, and often live more of their life in their mind than outside of it. This can be a challenge for them in social, career, and education environments. They are usually very smart and get through school despite not ever paying attention to their instructor. They do best in careers where their minds are challenged, and where they can have time to think before they act.

While usually quite serene, Goat Aquarius can be prone to anxiety. When this happens, it tends to spiral their worlds out of control. Strong anxiety left unchecked can be mentally toxic to a Goat Aquarius, and thus they should be careful not to lose touch with reality, which they have a natural tendency to do.

Goat Aquarius Traits

You’re probably the most Aquarius of all Aquarius, that is, a person who’s profoundly dreamy and idealistic, often unconscious of realities and indifferent to incidentals. With the secret side to your character, you like mystery, you’ve a keen interest in occultism, the fantastic, in all that’s related to the strange, the irrational, the paranormal, to experiences beyond the known world. You always want to get further into that universe.

You show a marked tendency to nomadism. You always dream of travels and exoticism. For you, happiness is necessarily elsewhere. Your destiny depends for the major part on the faithful friends whom your personality charms. You’re also often served by strokes of good luck and happy hazards.

Generally, you’re not very efficient in work for, living more in dreams than in the concrete, you possess little practical sense. But your intuitions are very vivid and can prove to be useful. You can succeed brilliantly in an artistic career and especially in occultism.

Heartwise, you’re very credulous and rather weak. Your love affairs are tinted with the strange and the bizarre. In order to be happy in love, you must show good common sense, realism, and be involved with a very tolerant and very comprehensive person.

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