Dragon Aquarius

Above all else, Dragon Aquarius are hard to ignore. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign find it nearly impossible to go unnoticed. Not that they would want to. These are among one of the most grand and eccentric signs out there. They have absolutely no trouble getting attention, though this is rarely their end goal. Rather, their natural assertiveness and personality make others stop and take notice whether they want to or not. The natural power of their personalities make Dragon Aquarius capable of doing great things, and at their best they use this power to serve the greater good and end up being much beloved by their communities for this.

There is a dark side to this sign, though. When Dragon Aquarius are feeling out of sorts, everyone else feels it as well. Since they can’t help but be noticed, they also can’t help but affect those around them. On a good day they can brighten any room, but on a bad day they can darken one just as easily.

Even on a good day, others may perceive Dragon Aquarius.as self-centered and egotistical due to their natural leadership ability and tendency to draw attention to themselves. In reality, members of this sign most often have the greater good in mind, but must be careful not to come across too strongly, as they will most likely rely on the cooperation of those around them to accomplish their goals.

Dragon Aquarius Traits

It’s never easy for you to live your permanent interior contradictions. On one hand, you’re narcissist, self-centered, stubborn, authoritarian; on the other hand, you’re comprehensive, tolerant, eccentric. However, it appears that your Aquarius side tends to take precedence over your Dragon side; indeed, you like to dream of romantic love affairs, admirable roles, and human brotherhood.

Your personality lacks certain charm because of your gloomy character. You refuse to recognize your pride and your disdainful comportment. But you can change if you evolve in an environment which is propitious to your basic altruism.

In work, you take great risks without even noticing it. You like to embark on grandiose undertakings all the while lacking practical sense. Your career therefore has a romantic and adventurous aspect. Your fortune can go through important ups and downs.

Your love life is also subject to great fluctuations because of your warm heart and your great independent mind. A good choice is indispensable because you tend to let yourself be misled by mirages. Your taste for freedom can cause you problems in your unions, but a good marriage will prove to be the basis of your stability and your happiness.

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