Dog Aquarius

Dog Aquarius, like their namesake animal, are nearly impossible to perceive correctly. That’s because Dog Aquarius never stay the same for long. From an outside perspective, the chameleon can at any time appear confidently eccentric or anxiously insane. Dog Aquarius love to explore and are only truly held down to Earth by their own internal practicality, that shows up every once in awhile when they really need it.

One thing that nobody can question about Dog Aquarius, though, is their kind and giving nature. Though they often seem to be in pursuit of whatever shiny object catches their attention at the moment, members of this sign are always looking out for their fellow man. It would be just like a Dog Aquarius to disappear for an annoyingly long amount of time just to show up suddenly with the perfect gift that they spent hours at an antique store looking for - just for you.

Dog Aquarius spend a lot of time in their own head. While they are often social, political, and outspoken, they also have an alter-ego that is practical, frugal, and down to Earth. Don’t bother trying to figure out this contradiction, it’s just the way they are. At best, the Dog Aquarius is an exciting, passionate, and has a unique voice that aims to change the world for the better. At worst, members of this sign are anxious, uncertain, suspicious, and defensive. Any member of this sign will struggle with the balancing act between reality and the ideal world they believe that they can make real.

Dog Aquarius Traits

"A thousand books are not worth an experience". You seem to take this Vietnamese proverb for your life motto. Indeed, you mistrust all theories and abstractions, and proceed only by relying on your own past experiences and sometimes on those of others. Of course, you’ve a taste for new experiences, but they must always take place under strict control. And it’s this caution that assures your efficiency in many a field. In fact, you can often use your knowledge of the past so as to invent the future.

Your character is marked with very great simplicity, which allows you to have good contacts in social life. Your intelligence, made for analysis as well as for synthesis, can make you achieve miracles. On the professional plane, you possess political qualities and gifts for business. But you’re often drawn between the desire for risk and the fear of failure. You’ve an interest in science, ideas, but you don’t satisfy yourself with abstractions. You’re gifted for lonely researches, philosophy, teaching, for all that’s related to the past and laws.

In love, you’re rather difficult to understand. Your inherent pessimism prevents you from letting yourself be carried away; but your attachments, when they are made, are deep and solid. You’re rather prone to single life; but if you get married, a union based on mutual esteem and the respect of your freedom can very well suit you.

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