Aquarius Boys

The Aquarius boy is an unpredictable, slightly erratic and fickle child, whom the horoscope endowed with intelligence and talents. Such a kid constantly participates in plays, studies well, quickly acquires new friends. It is important for the father and mother to instill in him a sense of responsibility, to teach discipline and perseverance.

Aquarius Boy Personality

"Air" kid is shrewd, sociable and friendly. From communication with adults, he extracts invaluable experience. Such a child does not hesitate to openly express his opinion to friends and teachers, so the latter often treat him with prejudice. In addition, he does not recognize anyone’s authority.

The Aquarius boy on a horoscope denies social norms, therefore sometimes he makes reckless acts. He is interested in all the unknown, and the head is constantly busy with new ideas. This kid easily influences adults, but can get into a bad company, so parents need to follow it closely.

The child of the air sign of the zodiac adores martial arts. He likes to practice sports where you need to demonstrate your agility. He likes to reason and to charge others with positive energy. Such a kid easily acquires new friends, but only the elite are in close contact.

The Aquarius boy on a horoscope quickly grasps the information and with pleasure helps companions in study. He never boasts of good grades and rarely shows his bad mood. Positive qualities of the child of the air element are: friendliness, determination, spontaneity and optimism.

Unfortunately, the Aquarius child rarely brings the case to the end. For this he lacks patience. In addition, he remembers the grievances inflicted on him, although he does not tell other people about it. Having entered a transitional age, such a child can get into a bad company, so parents need to be more attentive to his upbringing.

Aquarius Childhood

The Aquarius boy likes freedom according to the horoscope. He develops perfectly no matter how much time is given to him by adults. From an early age his head is full of grandiose ideas, which he eventually realizes. It is desirable that this child had a separate room.

The kid of the air sign of the zodiac has many friends. He often plays with other boys, but communicates well only with those who share his interests. Such a child can find friends in the kindergarten, school, camp, yard. He quickly finds a common language with strangers and pleasantly surprises them with his mind.

Aquarius loves the horoscope when all things are in their places. And he clearly separates his favorite toys from the unloved. He likes to communicate not only with boys, but also with girls. Such a child dreams of great discoveries and since childhood has shown great independence.

Parents can find out that their "airy" kid is too secretive, modest and stingy at emotions. These character traits do not spoil Aquarius, but complicate communication with him. The father and mother should, as soon as possible, find an approach to their child, in order to maintain a warm relationship with him and avoid problems in the future.

A child of an air sign of the zodiac is annoyed when he is given unsolicited advice. He knows what film he wants to see or where to go for a walk. He likes exploring the world, drawing, studying the exact sciences. Parents can give such a child to an art school or put his energy into sports.

Aquarius boy on a horoscope can bring home a kitten or a puppy. It is better for the father and mother to encourage such an act, this will help their son become more responsible and make him kinder. However, they must be prepared for the fact that their child will show mercy to homeless animals more than once.

Parents can be proud of a child born under the sign of Aquarius, because he will always be a little ahead of his peers in his development. This kid more than once will surprise parents with the ability to reason logically. He will not need to read a fairy tale for the night, as he can fantasize himself.

Aquarius boy is unlikely to brag, but praise to him will be very pleasant. He will always restrain his feelings and emotions, and if he wants to cry, he will do it in proud solitude. He will be able to achieve success in life if he feels support from his parents in time.

Aquarius Schoolboy

Aquarius boy is a joy for many teachers. He constantly talks in class, easily solves logical problems and almost always gets good grades. This child has a rich imagination, he is easily given the Russian language and literature. At school, he always has many comrades.

The Aquarius boy does not recognize the generally accepted norms for a horoscope, so compliance with certain rules makes him bored. At the lessons, he sinks into his thoughts as soon as he realizes that the object becomes uninteresting to him. Such a child is in constant search of the unknown, eager for experiments and new discoveries.

Parents should not require the son, born under the sign of Aquarius, to communicate only with certain people. He will decide with whom he is interested in spending time. It is important to instill in such a child a sense of responsibility for their actions. Then he will explore the world around him, understanding what needs to be created, not destroyed.

It is desirable for the father and mother to give the "airy" baby more time. It’s good if they become true friends for their child. The boy will be grateful for the trips to the circus, theater, museums. He will like the nature of travel. The main thing is that such a kid constantly gets positive emotions, exploring the world around him.

Aquarius Boys’s Youth

Aquarius teenager is difficult to choose a profession, because he is interested in different industries. He will be happy to study at once in two specialties. Even parents can not guide him to the true path. Having carefully considered everything, this young man himself decides what faculty he wants to enter.

Horoscope gave Aquarius the ability to different sciences. Such a young man will be able to master both technical and natural discipline. He will easily understand in the field, which is related to his zodiacal elements. "Air" teenager for certain will be interested in the profession of a pilot, astronomer or radio engineer.

Choosing the kind of activity, Aquarius will be immersed in it with the zodiac sign, but at first it will act almost aimlessly, to study and to experiment. It will be difficult for a representative of the zodiac sign to form a material base, since after coming to an independent life, he will think least of all about money.

The turning point in the life of this man will happen in 25 years. At this age, he will direct all his forces to career growth and financial well-being. Aquarius will learn to concentrate on the tasks assigned and will be able to achieve success in work. The first fruits of his work will appear after 30 years.

Thanks to the sociability and easy nature, "air" man by the time of majority will acquire many friends and acquaintances. If he learns to take responsibility for his actions, realize his talents and orient himself in his own desires, then a serious and self-sufficient person will grow out of him.

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