Aquarius September 2019 Horoscope

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Unresolved emotional issues can interfere with your current relationship, or may get in the way of your path toward personal fulfillment. Keep your focus on the present, and concentrate on releasing what you no longer need.

It's easy to rationalize your way out of taking the time to eliminate excessive stress. By taking a little extra time for yourself, you may actually create a new source of energy!

The solar eclipse on the 1st may stimulate a crisis in a close relationship, particularly if you've been ignoring your deeper feelings.

Sexual issues may be a source of tension, and it's easy to drag your fears and frustrations into the bedroom. Before you give up, give yourself a break! Take some time to share your hopes and dreams, and try to avoid the deadly game of mine versus yours.

Your attitudes are more playful after the 23rd. Although business meetings, conferences, or negotiations may show promise early in the month, you may still run into frustrating delays over the budget. From the 1st—9th, Mercury's retrograde may slow progress, but it might be a good idea to take a second look before you proceed with anything too risky.

Careful assessment of your finances before the lunar eclipse on the 16th can help you avoid disaster!

You may benefit from another's resources, but find out about those "strings" before you sign long-term contracts.

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