Aquarius November 2019 Horoscope

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Career takes top priority, although you still have plenty of time to enjoy your friends and family. Reach into new territory with your ideas, or to expand your possibilities in your job. Take the initiative.

Allow a little extra space for rest and rejuvenation after the 9th, when your down time can provide the right balance to your busy schedule.

Inner fitness is extremely important to your overall well-being now. Although you may be spending more time with your friends, your craving is to be comfy and cozy at home, especially during the Moon on the 14th.

Your preference for keeping your private life private may be interpreted as withdrawal by those who are used to your more outgoing side, but you need to be in a place that gives you plenty of room to realize some of your fantasies with your sweetheart. A secret liaison also can be quite stimulating.

Although your high profile keeps you in the spotlight, you may be spending more and more time working behind the scenes on some new ideas after the 10th. Presentations, meetings, or workshops with professional associates can be quite successful, although you may have to battle stubborn opposition after the 18th if you're proposing major changes.

Set alternate plans in motion during the Moon on the 29th.

Gather information and organize your supporters from the 6th—14th, when your contagious enthusiasm inspires strong devotion.

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