Aquarius May 2019 Horoscope

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Although family issues may creep into the picture, your concentration leans toward spending more time in creative or artistic pursuits. Follow your muse to resolve old emotional problems. You may not feel stimulated to run a marathon, but you may need the same endurance to deal with everything in your schedule! Work toward building strength, but spend time developing greater flexibility.

Take care of business at home during the Moon on the 6th, when a fresh approach to family obligations helps you avoid future difficulties. It's easier to open your heart after the 11th, and you may discover an intriguing relationship (or may uncover something fascinating about your lover).

You're ready for something different during the Moon on the 22nd, and if your current situation has grown stale and cannot be revitalized, you may walk away. You can overlook important details from the 1st—13th, which could prove costly in the long run. In your eagerness to get things moving after what has seemed to be a long delay, you may be tempted to take rash action.

Use your intuition to help determine the best times to act, but make careful considerations in hot situations from the 14th—20th. After the 25th, you're in a much more solid position to move ahead without so many complications. Let your creative artistry speak for you from the 24th—31st, when your self-expression is intensified and likely to be very well-received by the right person.

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