Aquarius March 2019 Horoscope

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Your finances may require more attention, even if your material status has recently improved. Be particularly attentive in legal matters to avoid taking the heat for someone else's problems.

Emotional turmoil can drain your physical vitality, particularly if you're buiyingyour feelings. Your body may be sending signals that something else is wrong. Treat the core problem, since treating symptoms provides only temporary relief.

An intimate relationship grows stronger now if you can release your fears and explore your deeper desires with your partner. Trust can become a crucial issue, and if you're uncertain about whether or not your ideals complement one another, then you may not be able to allow yourself to feel the freedom and trust you need. Explore these issues during the lunar eclipse on the 23rd, when you're ready to blend on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Avoid a financial crisis during the solar eclipse on the 8th by organizing your finances and apprising yourself of all the necessary details. Ignoring the facts will only cause trouble! Clear up details about joint finances, inheritance or taxes; release situations that are too costly, or eliminate activities that are nonproductive.

And don't forget about attending to the government's piece of your pie! Schedule conferences or meetings after the 17th.

Pay attention to correspondence and other communication after the 16th, since your prompt response or outreach could lead to success.

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