Aquarius June 2019 Horoscope

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Inwardly, you may feel calm, even though things around you are moving at a hectic pace. By concentrating on the idea you're currently developing, you can create a new avenue of opportunity for yourself—personally and professionally! You're clearing out closets, literally and figuratively, and need to make some space for what is yet to come.

Release attitudes that stand in the way of your experience of an uplifted life. Jumping to conclusions or reading something into your love life that is inappropriate to the circumstance can damage your feeling of self-trust. The Moon on the 5th marks a period of uncovering your fun-loving spirit, and stimulates your desire to share it with others. It may finally be time to feel the love you've yearned to experience during the Moon on the 20th.

Funny thing; it was there in your heart all along. You just needed the right catalyst to awaken it. Joint finances can be a hassle early in the month, but if you take time to sort out the details, you can reach an amiable contract by the 20th.

Dealings with the courts or legal situations fare well from the 8th—22nd. Make improvements in your work conditions after the 5th, and try to take the needs of others into account before you make final decisions. Speculative ventures fare best from the 10th—23rd. You may risk the vulnerability of opening your heart to another during the Moon on the 20th. Before you take the first space shuttle outta' here, what have you got to lose?

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