Aquarius July 2019 Horoscope

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Demands from others may stimulate some innovative options. Travel, cultural pursuits, or educational endeavors can absorb much of your time, and may provide the impetus for career advancements.

Fitness activities that integrate an uplifting philosophy can be extremely satisfying. You're eager to experience renewed vitality, and may seek out a teacher whose guidance and encouragement challenge you to exceed old limitations.

Achieving harmony with your partner is much easier. You may feel more certain about what you need from a partnership, and with Venus transiting in opposition to your Sun, may be more open to your partner's needs.

This is a good time to share with one another, and to look forward to building a future. During the Moon on the 19th, give yourself time to dream. You may even want to share some of those fantasies!

Your work takes a high priority, and the social obligations associated with your job can be important to your success.

Business partnerships can be lucrative, and there may be surprises from a partner from the 4th—8th that change your functional roles. Confusing communication or equipment breakdowns can be problematic from the 11th—26th. Instead of just digging in your heels, try to work out a solution that benefits everyone.

By maintaining your ethical standards, you may inspire others to follow your lead. Take the high road whenever possible.

2019 Horoscope