Aquarius April 2019 Horoscope

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Even though you have the best intentions, you may run into blocks from stubborn thinkers, or you may run behind because your equipment is not cooperating. Either way, allow extra time to accomplish important priorities.

Chronic problems or weakness can undermine your vitality, especially if you fail to listen to your body. Deal with discomforts or problems as they arise, since denial is not likely to make them go away.

A good time to mend fences with siblings, this is also an excellent period to make peace with the attitudinal differences between yourself and those in your family. Just because you fail to see eye-to-eye, you need not build a wall! It's easier to talk about your feelings with your sweetheart, or if you're ready to begin a relationship, you may find the courage to make the first move near the time of the Moon on the 7th. Romance fares nicely through the 16th.

Reasonable expectations and honest evaluations of situations will be necessary if you are to achieve a successful outcome at work. Mercury's retrograde from the 14th-30th stimulates delays and frustrations over contracts or agreements.

Clearly defining what your superiors expect of you can be tricky during the Moon on the 22nd. You could benefit from reviewing similar past situations as a good base from which to begin communication.

Buried emotions surface this month, and if you want to move forward, work with your counselor, or on your own, to release the past.

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