Aquarius 2020 Horoscope

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Jupiter! This lucky planet will be in Aquarius for all but the first four days of 2020. The one year in twelve that Jupiter visits your sign is nearly always a memorable and fortunate one, bringing optimism and helping you attract exciting opportunities for personal growth and new directions. The toughest part might be deciding what to pursue because you’ll want to do it all! That’s the dilemma of this expansive planet of good fortune, so be realistic and try not to overprogram and overcommit yourself.
Devote more time in the year ahead to get to know yourself and to really zero in on your major skills and talents. You’ll have the confidence to delve into new areas of interest and, whatever the outcome, you’ll benefit from the experience. Try to learn all you can about yourself and your place in the world; you’ll carry this knowledge with you until Jupiter again enters your sign in 2020.
Other people will be a major feature of this Jupiter transit. You’ll attract those who can help you in some way, and others will bring you luck, opening doors that were previously closed. More important, this is the year to do the same for others and to make the most of your marvelous networking skills.
Jupiter joins Neptune in Aquarius as Neptune continues its long journey through your sign. You may have already experienced the faith, spirituality, and creativity associated with this mystical planet, as well as its opposite side: disappointment and disillusionment. All sides of Neptune will be active this year as it joins forces with Jupiter in May and December.
The Jupiter-Neptune duo can inspire you to achieve great things because you’ll believe in yourself and your abilities. But you should also be realistic; it will be easy to slip into wishful thinking and to see things as you wish them to be, not as they are.
The planetary energy will also touch your humanitarian heart, and you’ll be more idealistic, doing what you can to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate. But rather than simply donating money or time, you’ll be drawn to organizations that help others help themselves. You may do that one-on-one for elderly people in your neighborhood, for example, or for friends who can temporarily benefit from your assistance.
All of these things represent the highest manifestation of Jupiter-Neptune.
But because you’ll want to see the best in people this year you need to be cautious about whom you trust, especially anyone new who enters your life. Some people will tell you what you want to hear and others will deliberately try to mislead you. This is therefore not the best year for a business, financial, or serious romantic partnership.
Saturn will spend much of the year in Virgo, your solar eighth house of joint resources. By now you’ve probably experienced this planet’s effect on money matters.
It’s not too late if you haven’t yet begun to get your finances in order, especially paying off debt, which is one of the best uses of this Saturn transit. Create a budget and set payoff deadlines, beginning with those that have the highest interest rates. Try to pay cash for whatever you need.
If your finances are in great shape (and even if they’re not), make savings a priority. If you invest, be conservative and think long-term. Do the same with your retirement account. Insurance is another eighth house matter, so take the time to review and update policies as necessary to be sure your home and property are adequately covered. All of these items are even more important because Uranus continues its journey through Pisces, your solar second house of personal resources.
Uranus, planet of the unexpected, can bring extra expenses as well as windfalls, and you’ve probably experienced this since it entered Pisces six years ago. What makes this year different is that Saturn and Uranus will form an exact alignment in February and September, just as they did last November.
Whatever occurred during their first contact will give you a clue as to what might happen this year. But in any case you’ll want to be as conservative as possible with money so you’re covered. This lineup also advises against financial partnerships and all but the safest long-term investments.
Saturn will begin its three-year Libra transit October 29, encouraging you to broaden your horizons during its trip through your solar ninth house. This is your knowledge sector, so you should consider returning to school to complete or begin a degree program, or to get specialized job skills. This will be a real plus for your career when Saturn moves on to Scorpio, your solar tenth house.
Even if you’re set in your career and have all the education you need, you’ll still have the motivation to learn, so take a class for the fun of it in person or online. Or tap into the other side of this Saturn transit and share your knowledge with others. Teach a company class or one through your community recreation department. Or get involved in a literacy project to teach adults to read. You’re also likely to become an avid (or more avid) reader while Saturn is in Libra.
Pluto, now in its first full year in Capricorn since it entered this sign in January of the last year, will continue to encourage you to look within yourself for answers. During its fifteen-year trip through your sign of self-renewal, you’ll gain a new appreciation for what motivates you and what holds you back. Your sixth sense is also likely to become even more active, and the more you nurture it the stronger it will become.
Saturn in Libra will clash with Pluto during the final two months of the year. Although this is a difficult alignment, you can manage it better than some signs because Libra is a fellow air sign. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost in thought more often than usual, along with a desire to spend more time alone. Give meditation a try, as well as self-help books in order to better understand yourself.

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