Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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The chance to reach out for new opportunities can allow you to live up to your potential. Fiery Mars is powering through your sector of far horizons, so this is very much a time to move out of your comfort zone and enjoy being adventurous.

Don’t let self-doubt hold you back as it could do earlier in the week. This isn’t the time to give in but to move beyond it and discover what you’re capable of.

With convivial Venus moving into Scorpio and a more prominent zone on Tuesday, this is a good time to connect with those who have an influence on your life. This can be a boss, manager, clients, or anyone who is an important part of your everyday life. While you may not become best pals, forging a link can be very beneficial to you now.

The full moon in Aries this weekend could see you ready to argue your case, but try to avoid getting into a spat. Stay cool and it will blow over.

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