Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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The sun in your home zone could encourage you to indulge in more self-care when appropriate and make sure to eat the right foods and get enough sleep.

Even so, with expressive Mercury moving into your domestic sector on Monday and linking with restless Uranus midweek, be prepared for a few surprises. People could call in unexpectedly, and while you might enjoy the company, you might not be as prepared as you’d like. Take it in stride, if you can, because their company could lift your spirits.

Try not to doubt yourself, especially if you’re hoping to promote a business idea and need to meet with others to make this happen. An awkward angle involving powerful Pluto and sobering Saturn suggests you might need to go ahead despite any fears and prove to yourself that you do have what it takes.

Over the weekend, don’t feel bad about taking time to yourself. Doing so can help recharge your batteries.

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