Aquarius September 2020 Horoscope

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Friendships, community projects, and connections to professional associates lift your spirits and provide an opportunity to assert your leadership in an exceptional way. Second thoughts about a relationship give you a new perspective.
Achieving balance and creating a sense of flow between your inner self, your physical body, and the demands of the outside world stimulate a need to incorporate something different into your daily routine. Alternative therapies can jumpstartyour energy when you’re feeling low.
Commitments need careful consideration: How is your relationship supporting your needs? Emotional issues regarding deep respect and appreciation for one another can lead to a better understanding during the Moon on September 9. The spiritual quality of love is a priority during the Moon on September 25. Bidding good-bye to unhealthy bonds will allow you to open your heart to your true needs.
Money matters — especially taxes, inheritances, or joint investments— can be complicated by new information that could jeopardize your finances. Investigation may reveal solutions, but you could also uncover deceptive or incorrect figures that require you to revamp your budget. Your career could benefit from conferences, publication, advertising, or educational pursuits after September 18.
If an ongoing problem seems to be stuck, progress can be made after September 14, when obstacles give way to practical solutions.

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