Aquarius July 2020 Horoscope

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Demands from others are likely to escalate, and even though you might prefer to just disappear, your responsibilities require you adhere to your priorities. Bailing out someone else can be too costly in the long run.
Strengthen your energy reserves by allowing ample time for reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation. Power napping can get you through a long day, and deep tissue massage may be the perfect solution for releasing tension.
Vague promises leave you feeling out in the cold, and if you’re unwilling to commit it could be because you’re not sure about your own needs. Addressing your concerns with control helps you get past a sense that somethings wrong, but expectations can be a problem from either side. Open to your spiritual needs during the Moon’s eclipse in Aquarius on July 28 to bring the picture into focus.
New procedures going at work may be met with unexpected complications after Mercury enters its retrograde cycle on July 12, even though there’s a burst of energy from the Moon. Contractual negotiations are likely to falter, although you may have some good ideas. Use this time to eliminate nonproductive situations and keep careful watch on your finances. Your creativity remains strong.
Even if you ‘re disappointed by someone, there’s a sense of forgiveness emerging, and by releasing negativity you’ll feel free and alive.

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