Aquarius February 2020 Horoscope

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The sun’s eclipse in Aquarius marks a period of increased awareness, and if you’ve been hesitating about taking action or making change, this could be the perfect time to move forward. Your motivations for accomplishment in career require careful consideration.
Releasing tension may sound easier than it is, since you may feel like a stress magnet juggling all the things going on right now. Schedule an appointment with your massage therapist or acupuncturist.
Friction in relationships may be the result of unrealized expectations, but you may also feel hurt if your trust is breached for any reason. Problems at the core of close relationship emerge for closer examination during the Sun’s eclipse on February 16, and if the situation’s worth salvaging, your actions and attitudes strongly influence the outcome. Open lines of communication can bring clarity.
Risky financial situations can collapse, but you can recover by calling on your network of support. This is not a good time to join in high-risk ventures or cosign another’s debt, since there’s too much in the “unknown” category! You still have great ideas, and your innovations can get everything back on track in times of trouble. But if there are others envious of your success or insecure themselves, there’s the potential for undermining. Keep your eyes open!
Your intuitive insights guide you along the best path, but denial or self- deception can be huge traps. Center yourself before you set out each day, and know when to step away from conflict.

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