Aquarius December 2020 Horoscope

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Career advancement and recognition for your achievements uplifts your spirits, but you may also be thinking about what you want to do next. It’s time to set goals that will carry you toward the realization of your most cherished hopes.
Although you may have every intention of staying active, time constraints may require you to be inventive about your workout routines! Pacing yourself is crucial, since it’s easy to push beyond your limits. Limit high-risk activities, and watch your driving.
The energies of Mars and Uranus spur you to take a few risks, and if you’ve been hesitant about letting someone know what you want or how you feel, then you’re not likely to wait much longer. Friends motivate you to act during the Moon on December 7, but you might feel more confident making your propositions from December 11 to 13. Let love flow, listen to your heart, and know that you deserve the joy of loving.
By incorporating the ideas and interests of others, you’ll strengthen your career. Cooperative ventures, community concerns, and political endeavors prove fruitful after December 10. Conferences, business meetings, or presentations provide a good forum for showcasing your ideas or efforts. Consider a retreat from the action around the time of the Moon on December 22, when a break gives you a new perspective on your plans.
Employing your special talents works to your advantage and sets you aside from the competition. Trust your intuitive voice to guide you. You’re in the flow and highly inspired.

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