Aquarius 2020 Horoscope

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The humanitarian and daring Aquarius will feel this year motivated to take other people’s causes as their own, and fight any injustice.

This will bring them some problems, as they may find themselves involved in other people’s conflicts and lose the social or labour position that they have worked so hard to conquer. If they wish to progress, they must leave the rebellious impulses and adapt to reality with maturity. Uranus from Pisces will give them an important influence that will allow them to express in that profession they are close to.

Regarding the work, the most favoured occupations will be those performed in teams, and related to politics or science. Jupiter’s aspectation will allow this natives to stand out in anything related to communication. Uranus, the regent of the sign, from Pisces’ House, will make them even more creative and intuitive, but it will also intensify their eccentric features.

Saturn will act on Aquarius natives from Cancer’s House, making their incredibly sensitive. New societies, contacts with the foreign, esoteric practices such as the development of the mances and other activities that are pleasurable will turn into profitable businesses. Jupiter’s presence in Virgo until September, will help this natives to organize their lives. They will try to be up to date with their accounts, be constant in their occupations and defeat their tendency to leave the important or conflictive matters for tomorrow.

With the Couple it won’t be easy to maintain a coherent attitude. They will hesitate on their own feelings and be prone not to commit too much with the other.

If you are united with a native of an earth sign, you may form a solid couple as, internally, the need for protection will make you adapt. With air signs, you may be great partners, but in the couple’s irreconciliable points of view will emerge. In the middle of the year, the path of Jupiter through Leo will enliven the fire in some Aquarius’ natives, that will feel the need of forming a couple or strengthening the one they already have. It will be a great moment to show your cards and tell the other what you expect of life together.

Aquarius’ economy won’t be even throughout the year. The natives will go from opulence to forced austerity. The months of May and June will be the most propitious when it comes to saving money. If they waste the money, they will reach the end of the year without reserves. A journey to the foreign may happen in November or December, and it can be a golden opportunity for many Aquarius to turn the future into something bright. Whatever the job opportunity they are offered, they must organize in order not to waste their energies and use all their intelligence and clarity in the service required.

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Aquarius 2020 Horoscope
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