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Aquarius, June 2020 is your opportunity to walk into the heart of a storm and emerge victorious. Many cosmic factors work in your favor as long as you’re aware of the currents that are moving. Most important to note is that this is a month highly focused on the past because so many of our planetary forces are already retrograde, or will be. Your greatest asset is that Uranus, planet of liberation and your ruling planet, will be strong and direct during the month. While many other people can’t think as clearly, you’ll be able to see light through the smoke and come up with brilliant solutions.

The most notable retrograde to affect you this month will likely be the movement of Venus, planet of love, in your true love and creativity sector (your solar fifth house). This means that many Aquarians could be reconnecting with a twin flame during this time, most likely a soul mate in this lifetime who may be a past-life connection. You may crave this person deeply, but it’s important for you to assess whether or not you will reignite that connection or merely reminisce on how beautiful the rapport once was.

It’s also likely that you’re doing a great deal of thinking about what love is to you and what you want it to be. Some Aquarians could be revising the entire way that they feel about love and realizing the function it has had in their life until now must change. Others could be reigniting their artistic side, returning to passions from time past, and watching as they revel in them once again. Do so. Live in those moments. That is what sets your heart free.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, goes retrograde on June 17, adding confusion to the mind in the weeks that follow, so be certain not to sign contracts or make important agreements during this time.

Last to note for you is that Mars, planet of intensity, will be igniting your financial sector (your solar second house) throughout most of the month. This means that you will not only be focused on your money—and wanting to bring in more—but spending quite a bit, too. This is the highest your expenses should be for two years, so when July arrives, you will heave a sigh of relief. No matter what, Aquarius, utilize this time to get closer to your spirit and know your heart.

Standout days: 12, 13, 22, 25
Challenging days: 3, 20, 30

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