Aquarius Monthly Career Horoscope

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The full moon in Aquarius on August 3 gives you a burst of energy. Use this to make new connections with potential business partners or collaborate with other companies. Reach out and connect with colleagues who have moved on to better jobs.

On the thirteenth, Mars makes a square to determined Pluto. You can use this energy to remove blocks to your success. This is a good time to explore healing modalities such as tapping, EMDR, or hypnosis to remove a fear of public speaking or even a fear of success. Pluto allows you to remove affectations and distractions. Clean off your desk to focus on what really needs to be done.

On August 24, Mars makes a square to Saturn in Capricorn and the most powerful place in your chart, rising on the horizon. Saturn in Capricorn focuses on the old ways as Aquarius natives search for innovative new methods to automate and delegate. Look at tasks and ask yourself what this would look like if it could be completed in half the time. Use this to streamline your work.

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